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Post Production - Make Films Video Prodution


Dustin Johnson


With over 10 years’ editing experience, the Make Post team have cut and delivered feature films for Netflix, Film 4, Sky Arts as well as for full cinematic release.  We’ve crafted commercial campaigns for the world’s biggest brands, and music videos for a string of chart-topping acts.


As well as our specialised in-house GFX and VFX services, Make Post have established partnerships with leading international VFX studios and artists. These collaborations enable us to deliver 2D, 3D and VR motion graphics for an extensive variety of projects and campaigns.


Make Post offers two state of the art grading suites. Our grading studio ensures perfect colour finishing, overseeing the delivery of established brand identities, as well as the creation of individual film or campaign palettes.


Make Posts’ sound design department is headed up by our very own Mercury Prize winning Producer, whose musical compositions and sound design have featured in commercial campaigns for Facebook, SKY and A+E Networks, and feature films for Film 4, Netflix and full theatrical release. We work with a roster of top sound design talent to ensure the best in sourcing, composition and production.